The culprit is Boris Johnson not Sadiq Khan

Thursday, 12th May

Boris apologies

‘Blame now prime minister Boris Johnson’

• YET again a Camden resident has suffered from the unfairness of rules imposed on TfL by the Treasury, but she’s blaming the wrong man for them, (I got to the hospital in time – no thanks to Sadiq Khan, May 5).

Your correspondent who was told that her Freedom Pass wasn’t valid for a bus journey before 9am wrongly hits out at the current mayor, Sadiq Khan, when the culprit is actually his predecessor and now prime minister Boris Johnson.

As Mayor of London Johnson made a typically shabby deal with the then Tory chancellor George Osborne to abolish TfL’s central government funding, forcing it to rely almost entirely on fares and commercial income.

The collapse of travel in the pandemic practically bankrupted TfL and the price imposed by the Treasury for a reluctantly-given bail-out, that now only just keeps TfL afloat, included both draconian cuts in bus services and prohibiting Freedom Pass holders from using their passes before 9am.

Your correspondent is one of no doubt thousands of older people directly affected by these cuts, left unable to get free public transport to early hospital appointments because of government policy.

The blame lies not with Sadiq Khan but fairly and squarely with Boris Johnson, who has so consistently shown his complete contempt for the lives, health and welfare of ordinary people both in London and across the whole UK.


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