The council trying to play the property market is a disaster

Friday, 25th October 2019

100 avenue road

An illustration of how the new tower will look at 100 Avenue Road in Swiss Cottage

• GOOD to hear that, at last, someone is going to investigate the appalling situation as Camden Council’s officers try to play the property market, with disastrous results across the whole borough, from Somers Town to Swiss Cottage, both of which locations are about to be destroyed by disgusting over-developments with virtually no local benefit, (Camden’s ‘North Sea oil’ land and property deals to be investigated, October 17).

As you rightly say, the land owned by the council was bought with money from all the residents of the borough over decades, and should have been used for the benefit of all current and future residents.

But, despite having a Labour majority in the council, employees of the planning department have been allowed to do deal after deal with greedy developers, approving these over-developments with little or no local benefit, and precious little thought as well; and we pay their salaries!

Here in Swiss Cottage the latest disaster is unfolding as developers Essential Living (based in the Channel Islands) now realise that their development at 100 Avenue Road is so enormous it cannot be built without taking large and vital parts of the tiny local park, while clogging the already overloaded gyratory system with one lane lost and dozens of 54-foot long trucks every day for up to three years!

And the end result – a 240-foot skyscraper with two large side blocks at five and seven storeys, containing 185 flats, almost all for private rent to short-term tenants from around the world.

DAVID REED, Treasurer
Save Swiss Cottage Action Group

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