The council needs sensible guidelines about trees & buildings

Thursday, 16th June

Tree Roots Cartoon_John Sadler

Illustration by John Sadler 

• DR SUSANNA Griffin is right to point out the lack of common sense in Camden’s approach to trees and buildings, (We need greenery but blame it for wrecking our buildings, June 9), particularly when it comes to council-owned land.

Two examples in Gospel Oak:

• New plane trees have been planted so close to the new development in Vicar’s Road, part of Camden’s CIP programme, that they will soon crash into the building and will need to be cut down.

• Camden obtained planning permission for developing the land underneath the canopy of a Grade A copper beech tree in Grafton Road.

This site is still hoarded off, as Camden tries to preserve the planning permission to develop this site, blighting the area.

Camden Council needs sensible guidelines about trees and buildings, and it should then follow them.

Savernake Road, NW3

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