The contract failure you reported was subject to scrutiny

Thursday, 3rd August 2017

Town Hall 2

Town Hall’s £2.5m bungle was ‘discussed in some depth’ and was subject to scrutiny

• WE wish to correct the impression made in the New Journal that the reported contract failure was not subject to scrutiny (Town Hall’s £2.5m bungle kept secret, July 27).

The issue was in fact discussed in some depth by members of the council’s audit and corporate governance committee on Wednesday June 21, over six weeks ago.

Members of all parties are represented on this committee. They received a full and frank disclosure of the situation from the borough solicitor and the director of finance.

The report containing financial implications was covered in the private “part two” agenda at that time because of an ongoing and sensitive staff disciplinary case related to the issue, which if at all prejudiced could cause further cost to the taxpayer.

This issue was also presented in the council’s Annual Governance Statement 2016/17 which was considered in the public part of the meeting.

As chair and vice-chair of the committee, we take this use of the public’s money really seriously, as do all other members of the committee regardless of their political party. Scrutiny by the committee in June was the first step and by no means prevents further examination in public.

vice chair
Audit and Corporate Governance Committee

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