‘The cat is fine': Sign tries to reassure passers-by that there is nothing wrong with Camden's loudest feline

If you are passing the Harlingford Hotel, you might hear Arya

Friday, 11th March — By Tom Foot

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Arya the tortoiseshell can be heard in Cartwright Gardens

A SIGN has been put up in a hotel window to reassure passers-by that a “screaming” cat is happy and well looked after.

Arya loudly yowls for attention from the basement of Harlingford Hotel in Cartwright Gardens, King’s Cross.

The cat has travelled to the graceful Georgian crescent from southern Italy after being rescued from a dumpster by her owner Giulia Ranu.

Pet lovers have been stopping into the hotel asking about Arya’s welfare because of its unusual meowing timbre.

“She’s very vocal and she likes to talk,” said Ms Ranu, who works in the hotel.

“My room opens to the garden in front and I think she realised people would stop and talk to her, if she screamed. So she has started screaming more and more. I had to put out the sign because people were coming in asking if I was torturing her.”

The cat is named after a character in Game of Thrones called Arya Stark who, the story has it, “uses her skills to bring those who have wronged her family to justice”.

In real life, the cat Arya was found abandoned in a bin in the Calabrian town of Lamezia Terme along with her brothers.

“She didn’t have a mum and I think she has used to getting her needs known by meowing,” Ms Ranu said of the cat.

“After my shift I go back to my room and she talks to me like this. Sometimes she goes into the hotel, but she’s not used to all the people coming and going.”

Ms Ranu, who lived in Milan in the north of Italy, said she travelled the length of the country to rescue Arya “because I am crazy”.

She added: “Then it took me three days to bring her here. I went through Ireland.

“I had to take a boat. If we didn’t love cats who would do this?”

Giulia Ranu

Arya – who unusually hates cat treats – shares the run of the Harlingford with hotel cat Zizi, who has a normal meow.

It is not the first time a screaming cat has caught the attention of passers-by in Camden.

Chocolate Persian Argo from Mornington Crescent is also well known for serenading people walking past the HS2 construction site.

His owner Katie told the New Journal in 2019 how “he is always harassing and screaming at people, he’s like The Exorcist”, adding: “But he is a total diva, he just wants a cuddle. He is a local celeb.”

If you can bear the screech, Arya at the Harlingford now has her own Instagram page where its meowing can be heard – @arya_screams

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