Thanks to all who helped after our garden break-in

Thursday, 5th September 2019

• MAY I through your columns commend the support of your news team, Cllr Heather Johnson, Cllr Abdul Hai and above all the public who following several break-ins to our allotments donated tools.

Cllr Johnson initiated a grant which Cllr Hai administered. This week we had celebratory BBQ and displayed some of them.

We now have enough forks, spades and hand tools et al for our members and the small amount we still need we shall purchase in the coming months whilst Groundwork restructures the site to make more allotments available for next season.

We shall invite you all to an open day once the site has been redeveloped in Spring. It is heartening that petty crime such as this still receives the opprobrium it deserves.

Chair, Regent’s Park Gardening Association

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