TfL has been cut off by the Tories

Thursday, 2nd December 2021

Oxford Street Bus_photo MAURIZIO_PESCE

‘TfL is forced to rely on earned income from passenger fares’

• A LONDON Assembly Labour report on the funding settlement for Transport for London describes how a 2015 decision by Boris Johnson as mayor and George Osborne as chancellor made TfL one of the only transport authorities in the western world not to receive an operating grant from central government.

TfL is forced to rely instead on earned income from passenger fares. Combined with the impact of Covid-19 lockdown on passenger numbers, a vicious circle of decline will inevitably follow.

Bus and tube services become less frequent and reliable, incentivising private car use, undermining efforts by Camden and other local authorities to reduce traffic congestion and tackle carbon emissions, and making travel more expensive and difficult for all Londoners.

At COP26, Johnson called for action to address the climate crisis. How can he justify the withdrawal of all public funding from the capital’s public transport system?

Read the report – The TfL Funding Settlement: another short-term sticking plaster – at

Cabinet Member for Promoting Neighbourhoods & Communities

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