Street squalor is a high price to pay for meal deliveries

Thursday, 2nd December 2021

Deliveroo litter

‘Deliveroo’s delivery bags are already being dumped all over our neighbourhood’

• I WOULD like to draw attention to the fact that Camden Council is consulting on the expansion of Deliveroo’s dark kitchens at 115 Finchley Road.

The disruption that Deliveroo has caused over the past five to 10 years is of a high nature. But the disruption caused by an extension will make life hell for residents.

Finchley Road is already one of the busiest roads in London. It is not fit to cope with an additional delivery service as large as Deliveroo is planning at this location.

The large number of delivery vehicles and their drivers already block the public roads at peak times. The fact that Deliveroo is making food in backyard kitchens is taking business away from our local restaurants.

They need support in these difficult times, not unfair competitors. Deliveroo hides these dark kitchens behind fancy names.

Customers can hardly work out whether what they are ordering is being prepared in a local favourite, or from a grubby backyard – as the attached photo (above) proves.

Deliveroo’s delivery bags are already being dumped all over our neighbourhood, and expanding them would lead to a new #flytipidemic. This is not really what we want in Camden.

If we don’t act now, we will smell it! You have until December 7 to comment and put in your objections. Please do so to avoid further inconvenience, disruption and problems for our area. Thank you.

Unfortunately it is not possible to find the application via Camden’s own application search website using the application number. I am therefore attaching the link with this letter. You can object or comment via:


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