Family left distraught after dog is stolen

Can you help find Sky?

Tuesday, 27th July 2021 — By Isabelle Stanley


Sky is missing

A FAMILY is searching for their dog after she was stolen from their home on Camden Town on Friday.

Sky is a small black terrier cross, with a white patch on her front.

She is a therapy dog, providing comfort to her whole family, but particularly for Manuel Teixeira, who has a degenerative condition which limits his ability to walk.

His daughter, Patricia Teixeira said “Dad’s now stopped eating since she went missing and he hasn’t spoken since she went missing.”

The family live in The Marr, off Camden Street.

Sky often played in the communal area outside the front of the houses, protected by a gate onto the street. Ms Teixeira said that on Friday: “My dad’s nurse turned up and we got distracted, we thought Sky was with the neighbour, and we think someone walked up and took her.”

Ms Teixeira thinks the theft was possible because the gates have not been working, she said: “We reported the issue to the Council, but they haven’t fixed them.”

Sky is spayed and microchipped.

Her family are appealing for any information or sightings and request they be contacted on 07702 590 616 or 020 3304 6655.

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