Spend community money wisely

Thursday, 2nd December 2021

• I AM shocked that Camden Council is wasting Community Investment Levy money on so-called “colourful crossings”. According to Paul Braithwaite’s November 25 letter these cost £25,000 per crossing.

The CIL is required to be paid by developers when they develop a site in recognition of the impact, sometimes harmful, that development has on local communities.

In our borough, where development often results in population densities being doubled or even tripled, this money should be spent wisely to provide the infrastructure required; that is, transport, health and educational facilities, as well as sports facilities and open space. It is compensation for residents having to bear the brunt of development.

The fact that CIL money is being frittered away and its potential benefit not being prioritised to meet real needs is indeed shocking.

There is no democratic oversight over the spending of CIL and councillors can spend it as they wish, and this is not always wisely. Many of us would prefer harmful development not to happen in the first place.

Savernake Road, NW3

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