Speak up on gender dysphoria and how children are treated

Thursday, 4th August

• THERE has been a long-documented history of mistreatment of children and young people with gender dysphoria who were put on a medical pathway without sufficient follow-up and exploration.

Staff had been raising concerns for years and were disregarded and many resigned. Whistleblower and child safeguarding expert, Sonia Appleby, faced vilification after raising concerns about the safety of children undergoing treatment at the Tavistock gender identity clinic.

She won an employment tribunal and was awarded £20,000 as it was found the trust’s treatment of her damaged her professionally and “prevented her from proper work on safeguarding”.

This week Dr Hilary Cass’s letter to NHS recommended the closure of the clinic. Her interim report on the treatment of children undergoing life-altering and often irreversible damage at the Tavistock clinic is truly shocking.

It has found there was no long-term research on treatment and outcomes for the thousands of young treated at the Tavistock.

Going forward we hope to see young people with gender dysphoria shown a range of support rather than being put on a medical / surgical and irreversible pathway, to help them accept their bodies / sexuality and be treated with the priority of care and support they truly deserve.

I hope the days of controversial organisations who support the practice of encouraging young, vulnerable, often gay, children to change their gender will be scrutinised and an end put to their practice of favouring “gender transition” as a cure for the discomfort felt in adolescence or resistance against rigid gender roles.

It is time for all of us: gay community, all parents / carers, MPs, local councillors, etc to stop defending these organisations and instead speak out on behalf of children who are being mistreated. This pathologising of sex-atypical behaviour is extremely worrying and regressive.

Ironically it is similar to the “conversion” therapy parliament has been debating and proposing to ban, except that it’s now bodies instead of minds that are being converted to bring children into “proper” alignment with themselves.

Speak up in defence of children, Camden MPs and local government representatives, your silence on this is deafening.

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