Sort it, Shapps

Thursday, 12th May

Freedom pass

Freedom Pass restrictions should be lifted

• PLEASE mind the gap, Grant Shapps.

I write in response to Elaine’s May 5 letter about not being able to use her Freedom Pass before 9am, (I got to the hospital in time – no thanks to Sadiq Khan, May 5).

I am really sympathetic about the issues she raised and think the option for using the card at any time should be reinstated.

Apart from those trying to get to hospitals and other vital appointments, there are many lower-paid workers who are over 60 who cannot use their cards at present to get to work in the morning, impacting badly on their income.

However I do not think Elaine is correct in blaming London mayor Sadiq Khan for this. Rather I believe that TfL were obliged to place limits on the time that the concessionary card could be used as a condition of the central government Covid-19 crisis financial bail-out package, which was needed during the lockdowns.

So her concerns really need to be addressed to transport secretary Shapps. He has the authority to address this.

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