Sorry, you haven't won the Euromillions – it was a mix-up with the tickets

Winner is out there somewhere

Friday, 8th April — By Harry Taylor

Margaret de Michaeli

‘I was thinking I could ring my husband and tell him to jack in his job’

A EUROMILLIONS player who lives in the Chalcots Estate is urging others to check their tickets after she was given a winning coupon for someone else’s winning ticket,

Margaret De Micheli went to W H Smith in Finchley Road on Wednesday last week to check her entry from the draw on March 29. She was given a slip in return, saying she had won, and to ring the National Lottery.

Ms De Micheli, 72, who has lived in Taplow Tower for 50 years, said: “I was thinking I could ring my husband Michael – he’s a traffic warden for Westminster Council – and tell him to jack in his job.”

However, after ringing the hotline, she was told that it did not correspond to her ticket – her numbers are based on her grandson Michael’s birthday – and instead should have been given to the person who got their ticket checked before her.

“It turned out I’d won naff all,” said Ms De Micheli.

“But this person is out there, and they have clearly won some money and might still have the ticket.”

The ticket holder would have 1045-062465287 at the start of their ticket, and then 21XX79 at the end – with the Xs representing numbers – and would have checked their ticket at WHSmith Finchley Road before 12.34pm on March 30.

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