Some Camden departments need a change of personnel

Friday, 13th May

• I READ in your wonderful newspaper that Camden Council are congratulating themselves on all their great work.

It is true that in certain areas Camden are a good borough. However there are departments that really need looking at.

One of them is housing allocations and the other is their anti-social behaviour section.

I know a lovely couple who have long-term health conditions, who live in a one-bedroom flat with very cramped rooms and poor ventilation.

They really need two-bedroom accommodation as the wife is her husband’s carer.

They have sent the housing allocations department many doctor letters, consultant letters, and a letter from a psychologist, as well as Camden Carers Centre, stating the medical reasons why they need an extra bedroom.

They were taken off the housing list in 2016 even though they had 300 points, including medical points.

These points suddenly vanished and after applying three times since then to get back on the register, they were sent a letter that their application on medical grounds does not apply. What kind of policy is this?

Also, in their application, they mention being harassed by a neighbour. They say Camden Council have turn a blind eye to this. This neighbour has been reported by many residents but nothing has been done.

False accusations have also been made against the couple, who are in their 60s.

They just want some peace and to be left alone. And they are extremely distressed by their situation, especially Camden’s rejection of their application.

The council need to replace some of their staff and employ people who have some humanity and understanding.


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