Sixty-mile round-trips to buy cheese are not on…

Friday, 26th November 2021

• PATRICIA Michelson’s laments (We’ve lost out with LTNs, November 12), that low traffic neighbourhoods prevent people from driving from all over London and even Kent, to shop at La Fromagerie and other shops at Highbury Barn.

At COP26 there was agreement that consumption of fossil fuels needs to be reduced and even ended; though unfortunately no agreement on how urgently it must be done.

I am sorry to state the obvious but the planet whose future was discussed at COP26 and the planet on which La Fromagerie sits are one and the same.

Many painful things will need to be done to reduce and end the use of fossil fuels but one,albeit minor,is surely no longer to have people making 60-mile round trips by car in order to buy cheese; even cheese of the superior quality of that sold by La Fromagerie.


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