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Thursday, 14th January 2021

Shoda Rackal (far right) and other Carlton supporters

Campaigners against closure of the Kentish Town school, including Shoda Rackal, far right

• THE Forum piece by Carlton Primary School parent Shoda Rackal spells out the “flawed” and “racist” consultation Camden Council has conducted to close this school, (Carlton parents’ vote has been ignored, January 7).

Like many Carlton parents we are appalled at the injustice of Camden conducting a survey in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic and bypassing BAME parents who are 66 per cent of families at the school.

Our single mothers’ group, based at the multi-racial Crossroads Women’s Centre, helped circulate the letter Ms Rackal mentions.

We gathered 130 signatures in just one hour on Kentish Town High Road, from an outraged local community, including teachers, ex-pupils and students, mothers, fathers and grandparents of pupils, and women’s and community organisations.

All the letters were sent to Camden councillors before their December cabinet and committee meetings.

Our letter said: “There is nothing comprehensive about a process that bypasses mothers who are usually the primary carers for their children and most engaged with their learning… the most affected by systemic sexism, racism and poverty… children’s needs cannot be ignored.

“We are offended and angry that the council has deliberately excluded the voices of a vibrant black and immigrant community.”

We agree with the mums who said: “Gentrification, lack of affordable housing and high rents are driving people out of the area and undermining the community cohesion we all depend on.

“We will not be ethnically cleansed from Camden.”

This, and evictions like those of the homeless families at the England’s Lane Hostel in December, are what drive single-mother and other low-income families from the borough to make way for the affluent.

Please support the Carlton Action Group by writing to Camden councillors with your objections to the closure and by signing the online petition at:

A second part of the Camden Council consultation is being conducted this year – more information will follow.

Single Mothers’ Self-Defence

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