Should councillors make public their wider income?

Thursday, 4th August

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Let’s count the cost of politicians

• THE council, as it is legally required to do, has published the list of allowance payments to councillors.

It is very important that would-be councillors are not prevented from standing for financial reasons.

But compare the top payment of a cabinet member of £37,000 with the average £26,000 wage in Camden borough.

And what the list does not reveal is the list of “gifts” such as free entertainment received.

Councillors are not, surprisingly, required to make public, as are Members of Parliament, what income they receive, say, from a full-time job.

Nor do we know what value we get for our money by receiving public attendance lists at committees and council itself.

While the excuse for the size of payments is that they are some of the lowest in London, parts of Camden have wards which are the most deprived in the country.

Perhaps a council meeting could debate a scheme requiring councillors to make public their other incomes. After all they vote for their own increases in allowances.

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