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Digital installations and 3D-printed sculptures

Thursday, 20th January — By Maddie Baker

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Will Kendrick

DIGITAL installations and 3D-printed sculptures are on display in a new exhibition of progressive artworks.

“The Triangle” is at the Freelands Foundation gallery in Regent’s Park Road, Primrose Hill. Will Kendrick, one of three artists showcasing their work, is part of a futuristic digital display with sound effects and purple lighting.

He is also exhibiting his non-fungible tokens (NFTs) artworks – images sold as exclusive data that can be bought by art collectors.

Mr Kendrick (pictured) said: “I’m still trying to figure out NFTs myself, but I have been making digital art for 10 years or more now. Before, I’ve worked in video and digital prints that are exhibited in galleries.

“The NFTs are a new thing, but I would say they are like sketches and fragments of my art. I see them as a creative, wonderful new way of distributing new art.”

The foundation is a philanthropic charity set up in 2015 to fund and support art, arts education and research.

“What makes the foundation quite unusual is that we give away a lot of money for other projects and we run our own projects, but we have this thing in the middle where we work very much in partnership with other people,” said the foundation’s creative director, Henry Ward.

It has previously worked on projects with pupils from St Paul’s primary school and Haverstock secondary school.

The exhibition runs until February 20.

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