Celebrity party PR man lured glamour model to fake photo shoot, court told

Friday, 27th February 2015


A FAMOUS glamour model from Camden cried as she told how a man secretly filmed her doing a sexual act and then conned her into doing a semi-naked photo shoot by pretending to work for men’s magazine Loaded, a court has heard.

Naushad Faruk, 32, set up fake email addresses and hired an unwitting stylist and celebrity photographer in order to lure the 26-year-old model to pose for a fake cover shoot at a luxurious flat in Mayfair, Blackfriars Crown Court was told.

Mr Faruk, who made his living filming celebrity parties, is also accused of using a secret camera hidden in his watch to film the woman without her knowledge as he performed a sexual act on her – and threatened to put it online.

The model, who cannot be named for legal reasons, has been featured in multiple popular men’s magazines including Maxim, the court heard, and was living in the borough of Camden at the time.

She met Mr Faruk, who went by the name ‘Jonny Nash’, at a party when she was 22-years-old and breaking into the glamour industry and they formed a “worky-friendship” where he gave her advice on her career and offered to film her magazine photo shoots to increase her profile.

“He said that he worked for a PR company that films these celebrity events and parties,” she told the jury, adding that he “had his hands in magazines and stuff.”

“I thought he was a bit odd but pleasant enough. I told him I didn’t want a physical relationship or any sort of relationship that was not a friendship, I was quite clear about that. I felt sorry for him.”

“He seemed to be a harmless, friendly person who had her best interests at heart,” prosecutor Jonathan Loades said.

But over several years he became “completely obsessed” with her, tattooing her face on his arm, saying he wanted to marry her and showering her with gifts, including a Chihuahua dog, the court was told.

After she tried to break off the friendship he threatened to take her dog away from her unless she had sex with him. 

The model cried as she told the jury that he used the dog as a “hook” to keep in touch with her.

She said: “After the dog was given to me I obviously became its mother and she was under my care all the time for many months so I grew very attached to her. She was my baby. And when I found out all along that she was not in my name I was completely horrified. I realised he had a hook on me because I was so in love with her that he knew I couldn’t be away from her. He would say: ‘If you don’t do this I will take your dog away’. It got to the point where I couldn’t cope anymore. He would use my dog as a threat. I suffered with depression.”

She added: “I said: I’m not going to have sex with you, but if you will stop asking for the dog back I will do ‘something’ sexual.”

In “desperation” she struck a “bargain” to allow him to perform oral sex on her in the summer of 2012 in return for registering the dog in her name and leaving her alone. 

A 40 minute video was screened to the jury showing Mr Faruk setting up the camera in a room with a bed before the model enters and they engage in sexual activity. 

Prosecutor Jonathan Loades added: “This young lady did not know that she was being filmed. She was totally unaware of it.”

The model described how she called Kentish Town Police Station but was “too scared” to press charges about his obsessive behavior and “cut off” all contact afterwards.

Then in January last year the model received an email purporting to be from ‘Jason’ at Loaded magazine offering her a photo shoot at the Shard, the court heard.

She described how on the day of the shoot her suspicions were raised when the location was changed to a private home in Park Lane.

“I knew straight away when I walked in the apartment that it didn’t feel right,” she said. “Everyone looked sort of confused. It was a big luxury Mayfair apartment and there were two very well known photographers, Wolfgang Mustain and a stylist. I was just about to go when they directed me to the makeup room at the end of the corridor. The makeup girl was there but Nash [Mr Faruk] was also there. He said he was directing the shoot.”

She added: “After shouting at him for about 10 minutes I thought, well, I’m just going to be professional about this. I thought it was going to be a cover shoot.”

A week later she received a phone call from Loaded magazine informing her that the shoot had been fake and set up without their knowledge.

After contacting the defendant he sent her a link to a video uploaded to a private YouTube channel featuring her undressing at a photo shoot in 2012 with the message: “No one has seen this yet. What happens next is up to you. Stop bad mouthing me to everyone.”

Mr Faruk, who wore dark glasses in the dock, was ordered to leave the trial by Judge Daniel Worsley after repeatedly shouting comments and holding up signs as the model gave her evidence from behind a screen.

Faruk, of Barnet, north London, is also accused of using the camera hidden in his watch to record two other women, one of them a professional dominatrix, without their knowledge or consent.

He is also charged with two counts of fraud by false representation in relation to the photo shoot and two charges of perverting the course of justice.

He denies all seven charges.

The trial continues.


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