Sawtastic! New home found for Wood That Works workshop

Friday, 22nd February 2019 — By Dan Carrier

Ricky Jefferson

Ricky Jefferson

THE sound of sawing, drilling and hammering is set to continue after a popular woodwork class was found new premises by the council.

Ricky Jefferson runs Wood that Works from a workshop attached to Highgate Newtown Community Centre – but its future was thrown into doubt by redevelopment plans.

Faced with a petition attracting hundreds of supporters, the Town Hall has said it will provide Mr Jefferson with a permanent workshop in a disused underground car park on the nearby Whittington estate. Carpentry lessons will be held in the new room by the spring.

Mr Jefferson said: “It was touch and go for a while, but Camden have now said they will build the project its own place. “It will be under the management of the community centre, so it stays firmly in the community and its future is more stable.”

Wood that Works has been told it can stay at the community centre until the new workshop is ready. Cash to transform the space – which needs new walls and windows – could come from Highgate’s community investment levy, money paid by developers to the Town Hall.

Mr Jefferson added: “Over 400 people have sent me messages of support – one 10-year-old came in and said she’d build me a workshop herself. “I am extremely grateful for the support – it has been a bit overwhelming.”

Danny Beales

Town Hall community facilities chief Councillor Danny Beales said: “We have identified a potential new site on the Whittington estate and are working closely and positively with Ricky and Highgate Newtown Community Centre to make arrangements.”

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