Restaurant wins music battle

Thursday, 2nd December 2010

Published: 2 December, 2010

A BELSIZE Park restaurant has been given permission to serve alcohol and host live music despite a “vehement, sustained and extreme” campaign to block a licence

Lantern owner Clifford Harrop told a Camden Town Hall licensing ­panel on Thursday night that his “small and ­intimate” restaurant, in England’s Lane, had been portrayed as a late-night music venue by a few hostile residents.

He said “Chinese whispers” had meant that many of them were overly fearful about the proposals. 

The council received 18 objections to the plans.

But the licensing panel gave Mr Harrop the go-ahead to serve alcohol until 10.30pm on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays and to host un­amplified live music – such as a harpist or an acoustic guitarist – until 10pm. Mr Harrop promised no sound would emanate from the prem­ises.

But a number of residents attended the meeting to voice their concerns. Clive Bruton, of Antrim Mansions, said: “It is an exclusively residential area with a large number of old people living very close to the premises. The combination of loud music, noise caused by customers coming in and out, and drunkenness, is going to have a serious adverse effect on  our quality of life.”  

Miguel Ferro, also of Antrim Mansions, added: “I find it quite difficult to see how they can be totally sound-proofed if music is being played and people are coming in and out of the building.” 

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