Recycling food waste? Try the library…

Thursday, 2nd December 2021

Food Waste cartoon_John Sadler

Illustration by John Sadler 

• I WAS sorry to hear about Marcia MacLeod’s difficulty getting hold of a brown food waste caddy, (If they say people are not recycling, I will know why, November 25).

On a related subject, readers might be interested to know that Veolia have stopped delivering food waste caddy liners to homes.

Camden’s website says: “Compostable caddy liners are no longer available for delivery. They can now be collected for free from Camden libraries. If you are unable to visit Camden’s libraries for health reasons then please call Veolia on 020 3567 8105.”

This will likely cause a reduction in food waste recycling, as not everyone will have the time and inclination to go to a library.

In order to improve our abysmal recycling rates, Camden must do everything it can to make recycling easy and pleasant. For most residents in Camden this is not the case.


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