Rainbows in windows to say thanks to key workers

Children in Camden get creative to support frontline workers

Monday, 30th March 2020 — By Helen Chapman

nw5 project

Rainbows from NW5 Project

SCHOOLS, families and children have been spreading cheer by putting rainbows in windows as a thank you to key workers.

Social workers, caretakers, food delivery drivers, waste collectors, carers, shop workers, cleaners, volunteers and teachers are among those essential workers doing their jobs despite the coronavirus outbreak.

Sharley Peet-Newitt, NW5 Project manager, Kentish Town, said: “We feel it shows great community spirit and support to all the key workers who are going to work to support us as individuals, families and our whole community.

“It’s been great receiving the photos from families and we would love to see more beautiful rainbow pictures in the windows of homes.”

The NW5 play project has had to close but staff are keeping contact with children and families they work with.

“We don’t want anyone to feel like we still aren’t here to help,” said Ms Peet-Newitt, “We are contactable via email or telephone.

“Young people that we work with during our sessions have a contact number that they can call one of our youth workers on at any time.”

Meanwhile, children at Rhyl Primary have been making rainbows at school.

Lucy Wild, Deputy Head at Rhyl Primary, said they were inspired by the applause in support of NHS workers last week, adding: “We showed children footage on Thursday night and spoke about appreciation and how we can say thanks. I wanted to make sure we are spreading cheer and joy that isn’t just spreading the message ‘wash your hands.’

“I think that it is important that we are able to support each other and instil in the children that we have a role we play in society.”

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