Questions arise about payments to consultants and Queen’s Crescent

Thursday, 30th June

Queen's Crescent graffiti_2

Graffiti in Queen’s Crescent

• IN February 2018 Camden Council secured a grant from the GLA for the “restoration” of Queen’s Crescent.

After a Freedom of Information Act request, the following data emerged. Three firms of consultants have been, or will be paid a total of some £570k, one over £350k. A further £74k has been spent on other projects such as £15k on painting the street.

In addition a further £1.7million, including some on consultants fees (as above), will supposedly to be spent by the end of this (2022-23) financial year. Figures have been rounded up but the grand total is around £2.3million from the GLA grant.

In addition the council has spent from its own budget a total so far of £1.2million, an overall projected spend of £3.5million on “restoring” QC.

What have residents and traders got to show for this spend to date? Unrepaired pavements, broken street furniture, graffiti (see picture above), five empty shops, piles of rubbish and a much-reduced street market from its heyday, when run by a local voluntary organisation back in 2015, increased pollution around Rhyl school, and an unknown sum from drivers who received fines for driving through road closures. And some consultants with very considerable increases to their balance sheets.

We will tomorrow get sight of the next exciting projects as the council publishes yet another report and tells us what it will spend the remaining GLA grant on.

Perhaps the cabinet members responsible for the expenditure of this huge sum of our money could comment, justify it, and correct this arithmetic.


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