Primrose Hill to close at night again – months after gates removed

Royal Parks says weeks of closures is after 'antisocial behaviour' - but severity has been contested

Friday, 1st July — By Harry Taylor

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Gates on Primrose Hill after they were installed in 2021

PRIMROSE Hill will be gated at night again on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night from this weekend in an attempt to stop apparent disruption and antisocial behaviour.

The Royal Parks, which runs the park had threatened to do so last week, after getting reports of fireworks being let off and loud noise on top of the hill in recent weeks. However others have said issues are only mirroring life on the hill before the pandemic.

The park had barriers at night for months last year, after gatherings on top of the hill reached a peak during the third Covid lockdown.

They were only removed in December, just over six months ago, after pubs and clubs had opened and crowds had disippated.

Yet amid concerns that problems on the hill were building again, the parks’ authority issued a warning that it would reserve the right to reerect temporary fencing. It has now said they will go up at 10pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights and be opened at 6am the following morning.

They will stay in place for the “next few weeks”, the New Journal has been told.

Last year the gates and locks were vandalised and sabotaged, as many were unhappy at the night time closures, which stopped people taking in the night time view of the capital from the summit.

The Royal Parks was criticised this week for a lack of a clear plan and strategy to deal with a rise in disruption, and not engaging local groups and councillors who have pledged to work with the authority to stem any incidents.


A Royal Parks statement said: “Due to antisocial behaviour and noise disturbances which have been reported recently on Primrose Hill, the park will close to the public from 10pm this Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening until 6am the following morning.

“We plan to install  temporary fencing at park entrances. We hope that this short-term solution will help put an end to the disruptive behaviour we have been witnessing recently but we will continue to work closely with the police to keep the situation under review. Being in a park after closing time is a criminal office.  Enforcement of the law is a matter for the Metropolitan Police.

“We will monitor the situation over the next few weeks.

“As always, we urge all visitors to be mindful of others and to respect the park and local residents.”

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