Police officer witnessed teenager stab man to death in street, court told

Erick Ekam admits killing Mohammed Aadam Mohammed with a knife, but denies murder

Thursday, 21st June 2018 — By William McLennan

Aadam Murder Mohamed Aadam

Mr Mohammed was killed shortly before his 21st birthday 

A 17-YEAR-OLD was chased down and arrested by an undercover police officer after stabbing a man to death in broad daylight, a jury has been told.

Erick Ekam appeared in the dock at the Old Bailey this week accused of killing Mohammed Aadam Mohammed in Hampstead Road, near Mornington Crescent, last September.

He denies murder, but admits delivering the fatal blow.

Police Sergeant Matthew Ebbs told the court this week that he witnessed Mr Ekam, now aged 18, deliver a “flurry of blows” on Mr Mohammed, 20, before fleeing the scene on foot.

With his baton drawn, Sgt Ebbs gave chase and apprehended Mr Ekam in Harrington Street after he fell and dislocated his shoulder, he said.

Sgt Ebbs, who was on a plain-clothes operation tackling drug dealing in the area, said he heard shouting and turned to see Mr Ekam and Mr Mohammed standing near the junction of Granby Terrace, gesticulating at one another with their hands.

“I saw the defendant take out what I believed at the time to be a kitchen knife from his waist- band,” he said.

“Then I observed the defendant launch an attack, really, on the victim.”

He said that Mr Mohammed had been stepping away from the defendant with his arms outstretched and palms open when he was stabbed.

Sgt Ebbs, who was standing in front of a family waiting to cross the road, said that the defendant then turned and ran towards him, still armed with the knife.

Asked how he made the decision to pursue the defendant, rather than tend to the victim, Sgt Ebbs said: “The only thing I can remember was I was quite frankly terrified of a man run- ning towards me with a knife.

“I do not remember thinking anything other than I needed to protect myself and protect that family.”

While Sgt Ebbs pur- sued Mr Ekam, members of the public tended to Mr Mohammed, who had collapsed on the pave- ment outside the Ampthill Square estate.

He had been stabbed in the back, neck and arm, with the tip of the blade snapping as it struck bone, the court heard.

Prosecuting barrister Allison Hunter said: “He was gurgling and trying to breathe, blood pouring from his throat.”

A member of the public held a scarf to his neck before paramedics arrived and a doctor from Lon- don’s Air Ambulance performed surgery on the street to try to stem the flow of blood.

“Despite all their efforts, Mr Mohammed sadly died from his wounds,” she said.

She said that it was not known what lay behind the pair’s disagreement, adding: “Beyond the obvious fact that there was bad blood [between the defendant and the victim], the true motive for the murder is unknown.”

Mr Ekam, from Kentish Town, has said he was acting in self defence, alleging that he disarmed Mr Mohammed after he threatened him with the knife, the court heard.

The case continues.

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