Pet snake missing in Highgate: Can you find Bobssie?

Bobssie the snake belongs to nine-year-old Lottie Broadway

Thursday, 12th November 2020 — By Bronwen Weatherby

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Lottie and Bobssie

A NINE-year-old girl has been left “heartbroken” after her pet snake disappeared from the family home in Highgate.

Bobssie, a one and a half year old Firefly Royal Ball Python, vanished after sliding away from their garden while he and his owner Lottie were outside enjoying the sun last month.

The family have been searching high and low for Bobbsie, knocking on neighbours doors and pinning missing posters – complete with a colourful drawing of Bobssie made by Lottie – to lamp posts around the neighbourhood and parkland walk which is behind their house.

They are now appealing to the public through the New Journal in the hope that someone has spotted him and can help bring him home.

Bobbsie who hails from West Africa and prefers climes of 84 to 88 degrees is said to be completely harmless, neither wanting to bite or constrict, preferring instead to spend his time curled up in a ball in the warmth or around one of his owners.

Bobssie and the family’s dog Winnie were even known to snuggle up together 

Ms Broadway said: “We’ve tried to convince her he’s on an adventure but the truth is she’s devastated that he’s gone, she’s heartbroken. I think this is her first real loss.

“From the moment she met him over our friend’s house about four months ago she was a natural with him. When we brought him home she’d often carry him around the house on her arm, around her neck or tucked up in her jumper, like he preferred. He and our dog Winnie even snuggled up together.

“He was so great, and quite slow moving, so much so that we’d even take him to parks to roam around and it was fine. I guess he lured us into a false sense of security because that day he just disappeared in a matter of moments.

“If you find him keep him warm” urges family

“It’s just tragic that this has happened but we’re still clinging onto the hope that he might be out there and could be found curled up in a ball somewhere, perhaps in someone’s compost heap.

“If anyone does find him I would just ask that you keep him safe for the moment. Like I said he’s perfectly harmless, and you can pick him up from the middle and he’ll curl into a ball, then you can put him into a box with holes with something warm like a hot water bottle,” she added.

If you know where Bobssie the family asks that you get in touch via email




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