People don’t want empty words on HS2

Friday, 10th January 2020

• AS a councillor for the area most affected by HS2, I was surprised to read about Cllr Oliver Cooper’s sudden interest and opposition to HS2, (Come on Camden Labour, join Tories in the fight to scrap HS2, January 2).

It was interesting timing, just less than a month after his own newly-returned government brought forward plans in their Queen’s Speech for a new HS2 bill.

A clear indication that the line will not only go ahead, but be expanded to Crewe if not beyond. One can only conclude that these are empty words and hot air from the leader of the Camden Conservatives.

Having attended community meetings for years since the inception of HS2, I must say I don’t remember seeing Cllr Cooper in attendance. This includes community conversations and the Euston Community Representatives Group’s regular meetings.

Now, as Camden seeks to hold HS2 to account and deliver the 100-plus hard-won assurances and protections, Cllr Cooper’s contribution seems to be the odd tweet and New Journal letter. Camden residents don’t want empty words and promises.

They want to see the delivery of what they have been promised, replacement homes delivered by the council; the £3million community mitigation funding; a hard-won 10mph speed limit for lorries; and maximum materials by rail, to name but a few.

The hard work to deliver these must continue and I for one would be more than happy to accept any real support Cllr Cooper wishes to give on these issues.

Labour, Regent’s Park ward

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