‘Parklet' opened in Fitzrovia

Council wants to roll out similar projects

Sunday, 10th November 2019 — By Helen Chapman

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Adam Harrison opens the public space in Fitzroy Street

A “PARKLET” has been unveiled in Fitzrovia in a bid to improve the environment.

FitzPark, a public space with benches and plants, was initially installed in Windmill Street for 18 months, with reports of an increase in visitors and wellbeing among residents. Support from businesses and residents in the area led it being reinstated in Fitzroy Street.

Lee Lyons, from the Fitzrovia Partnership, said: “It has been a lot of work getting this park here. Fitzpark, when it was on Windmill Street, it was the first public parklet to be built in Camden so it is a real privilege to have been able to deliver that. Because of the success in the environment and ecology, it is a real privilege to have it back here.”

The parklet was jointly funded by The Fitzrovia Partnership, Arup and Clean Air Better Business (CABB) funding from the Mayor’s Air Quality Fund. Labour environment chief Councillor Adam Harrison said: “I am keen to roll out many of these initiatives across Camden and especially Fitzrovia, if possible. It is looking really fantastic and it is fantastic to see so many people here.”

FitzPark was highly commended at the Urban Transport Design Awards last year and has recently been shortlisted for a 2019 Landscape Institute Award in the design for a temporary landscape category.

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