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Thursday, 23rd June

24 bus

Sign the petition in defence of the number 24 route (https://t.co/jKzJOouvVt)

• FOLLOWING its June meeting Camden Trades Council is adding its voice to a growing chorus of opposition to the threatened cuts in bus services across the borough and London generally.

The proposed axing of routes such as the 24 and 31, along with previously announced restructures, (for example, elimination of the current 168 route from September) would have a substantial and disproportionate impact on commuters with modest incomes working in the NHS and schools as well as restricting travel by older people and those with mobility challenges.

In addition as CNJ coverage highlighted (Covid hero bus drivers ‘facing axe’, June 9), key workers face the prospect of unemployment.

Transport for London proposals reflect a genuine funding crisis, which stems largely from the Tory government’s adamant refusal to provide an adequate regular grant to subsidise the capital’s transport services.

In contrast to most major cities in Europe, and indeed north America, TfL relies heavily on passenger fares. Pre-Covid nearly two-thirds of TfL’s revenue came from fares, compared with 38 per cent for New York City’s transport authority and just 27 per cent for the Parisian network.

At a time when several US cities are trialling free bus travel, Londoners face the prospect of paying more for less.

Any government seriously committed to narrowing inequalities, reducing urban air pollution, and addressing the climate crisis, would be investing far more in real terms in public transport: clearly, that’s not the current government.

The trades council believes there is an urgent need for a joint union and community campaign to oppose these and other cuts to TfL services and attacks on the workforces which ensure they run.

In the meantime we urge CNJ readers to sign the petition in defence of the number 24 route (https://t.co/jKzJOouvVt), and also respond to the TfL consultation (https://haveyoursay.tfl.gov.uk/busreview) – set to close on Tuesday July 12.

Vice-chair, on behalf of Camden
Trades Council

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