Now HS2 announces round-the-clock piling work over Christmas

Nearby homes have already been classed as 'virtually uninhabitable'

Thursday, 12th November 2020 — By Tom Foot

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PEOPLE living near the HS2 site in Euston have been warned there will be round-the-clock building work going on over the Christmas holidays.

Residents have been told about major works on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and this year’s bonus bank holiday, December 28.

Workmen will be “sheet piling” between Mornington and Granby Terrace bridges day and night.

Karen McDonald, who lives in Coniston on the Regent’s Park estate, said: “Residents normally have an update leaflet about HS2 works posted through their doors. But I did not have this one posted to me. I wonder why?”

Sheet piling is when interlocking metal sheets are driven into the ground using heavy machinery. HS2 said it is “considered to be a quiet activity” and that more noisy “auger-bored” piling will begin in the spring.


Disruption over Christmas is just the latest blow for residents in the estate’s Langdale, Coniston and Cartmel blocks, who have been told by the council their homes are “virtually uninhabitable” due to the work going on next door.

The Town Hall has organised a Zoom meeting on Wednesday for leaseholders after the Department for Transport refused to fund a £129million council plan to move all residents out of the blocks.

Tenants in 130 homes have been given an extra 630 housing points so they can bid for new council homes, but 45 leaseholders are facing being left behind.

The online workshop is aiming to help leaseholders apply to HS2’s Need to Sell scheme, which has so far only benefited a handful of home-owners in Camden. Residents must prove “a compelling reason” to move, for example ill-health, but they are unable to because of HS2.

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