Nicki Minaj at Koko: Hundreds wait in Camden Town heat to meet star

Boiling hot weather does not stop the queue growing through the day

Monday, 11th July — By Joe Coughlan


Tom McCafffrey, right, at the front of the queue

Koko’s film from the top of the building

HUNDREDS of music fans surrounded the famous Koko music venue today after Nicki Minaj announced she would be hosting a ‘meet and greet’.

The event had initially been billed as having a noon start but was later rescheduled for later in the afternoon. In blistering temperatures, die-hard fans were not going anywhere, however, and stayed in a queue for the chance to meet the singer.

Minaj played the Wireless festival in Finsbury Park over the weekend and said she was making the extra stop in Camden before flying home.

Tom McCaffrey arrived at Café KOKO at 9am this morning, after coming up from Portsmouth to see Minaj at Wireless Festival: “If there’s a chance that we could meet Nicki Minaj, there was no way that we were going home today.”

Nicki Minaj announced the event on her Instagram account

Fans arrived as early as 8am for the event.

I’ve been here six hours. Every car that comes past with blacked out windows is getting us a little bit more excited,” said Mr McCaffrey.

She’s known for her tardiness. She was late for her set last night at Wireless – it’s her style.”

Nicki Minaj was reportedly 30 minutes late to her Wireless Festival set last night, with frequent technical difficulties occurring during the performance after the singer took to the stage.

Lonnie Goss in the queue

Adonis Caba, a makeup artist from New York, said: “I came all the way from New York City just to see Nicki Minaj. I have post notifications turned on for her on Instagram so I knew straight away about the meet and greet.

We’re here for the Queen and we’re not talking about the Queen of England.”

While exhausted from standing in the sun all day, Mr Caba was relaxed and looked forward to the prospect of meeting his hero: “It’s been chill, you get to talk to like-minded people because we’re all into the same sort of music.”

Also in the queue was Lonnie Goss, a flight attendant from Detroit, who said: “All my friends overslept because we didn’t get home from Wireless last night until 12am.”

Adonis Caba from New York

With the rest of his party were asleep, Goss arrived at Café KOKO alone at 9:30am this morning. Having been in line for over five hours, fans were growing restless and weary, despite their determination to see the superstar.

I’m feeling good, but I haven’t eaten anything yet. The only thing I ate was a sandwich from the gas station and a Gatorade, so I hope Nicki is feeding us today,” said Mr Goss.

Ruben Altinisik-Young and Vanya Lasic were willing to wait all day to see Nicki Minaj

Also feeling tired was Ruben Altinisik-Young, who decided to skip work in favour of lining up at KOKO. Given the spontaneous nature of the event, many fans found themselves cancelling work and travel commitments to meet the artist.

Mr Altiniskik-Young said: “I only found out this morning. I got up early and was going to work when I got a text from my friend saying that Nicki was doing a meet and greet.”

I had no idea, so I didn’t go to work and decided to bunk the day.

‘I’m feeling very hungry. I deliberately ate before but clearly I didn’t eat enough because I’m starving. It’s really hot but you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.”

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