New mural of singer marks Billy Fury Way in West Hampstead

Singer's widow, Lisa Voice, visits new painting

Thursday, 23rd August 2018 — By Pavan Mahal


HALFWAY to Paradise star Billy Fury has made a comeback on a West Hampstead wall with a new mural honouring the singer.

Artists yesterday (Wednesday) were in Billy Fury Way painting his face back onto the bricks, the latest development in a war between the singer’s legion of fans and vandals who repeatedly tried to blot out a previous image with spray can scribbles.

The New Journal revealed earlier this year how the council had decided the defaced mural was in such a bad state that it needed to be completely blacked out. The original artists volunteered to repaint it but wanted assurances that they would not be challenged for breaking any graffiti art rules.

Passers-by yesterday were celebrating the arrival of the new mural.

The artist, who did not want to be named, said: “It’s important to focus on the positive now it’s come back because the people wanted it, not the fact it was damaged.”

Lisa Voice at the mural

There have been discussions about using a protective screen this time.

Pierre Petrou, a DJ who has run media relations for the singer’s fanclubs, said: “It’s great that Billy Fury will be remembered again. He was one of the greatest musical acts of all time.”

Fury recorded some of the biggest hits of the sixties but de died aged only 42 from a heart attack.

Today (Thursday), Lisa Voice, his parner who lives in St John’s Wood, visited the new mural and gave it the thumbs up. “The first mural was amazing and I was disgusted when it got vandalised,” she siad. “Now the graffiti artists have come back for a second time to redo it and it’s absolutely stunning – it is so Billy.”

Meanwhile, Fury’s music is set to hit the airwaves again with a new album from Decca Records, The Symphonic Sound of Fury, which  includes newly-recorded arrangements from the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.

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