New information on flooding is available

Thursday, 4th August

Flooding in South End Green on Sunday July 25 2021

Flooding in South End Green

• THERE is now new information about flooding on the CRASH (Combined Residents’ Associations of South Hampstead) website:

Although the information was produced for South Hampstead much of it is also relevant to people in other areas in Camden which were affected by flooding last year.

It includes:

— Advice from Warwick York consultants on ways residents might protect their properties from flooding, based on surveys of eight local properties.

— Contact details for the National Flood Forum which can provide residents with individual advice.

— A link to Thames Water’s London Flood Review reports into how the threat of flooding in the capital might be addressed.

— A link to Camden Council’s investigation into what caused the flooding locally.

— A summary of what South Hampstead Flood Action Group have been doing to try to prevent more flooding.

— Advice from the Greater London Authority on flash flooding.

People who are concerned about future flooding should commission an independent flood protection specialist to do an individual assessment of their property.

Many thanks to Camden Council for funding the Warwick York advice, and to the eight local residents who volunteered to have assessments done on their flats.

The South Hampstead Flood Action Group can be contacted by email:

South Hampstead
Flood Action Group

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