New fund to help people with bills among Labour's council election pledges

400 new electric vehicle charging points promised

Thursday, 24th March — By Tom Foot

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Camden’s election team is joined by Sir Keir Starmer

CAMDEN Labour’s manifesto pledges for the next four years include setting up a £2million cost of living fund to help people struggling with bills.

The list of promises in the “fairer, safer and greener” Camden pamphlet also includes planting 2,500 new trees, creating five new “youth opportunity centres”, an improvement action plan for each council estate and 900 new CCTV cameras for security.

Camden itself would build 400 new affordable homes over four years, the party said, and negotiate 1,000 more from. developers.

Around 400 electric charging points are planned.

One of the key issues for tenants in Camden is the recent chaos surrounding the housing repairs service and the manifesto says there are plans to “invest and expand the mould and damp team” and to set up a new app so residents can “track repair jobs”.


There are also plans to buy back 200 homes lost through right to buy, provide more help to the homeless, maintain public toilets and launch a new board to help women affected by violence.

Council leader Georgia Gould said her candidates’ record over the past four years included helping secure funding “to save Mortimer Terrace Nature Reserve” and stopping fly-tipping in West Hampstead.

She said the “new candidates bring a new perspective”, praising those that had grown up in Camden like herself with “friends from every single part of the world”.

She defended the council’s record since 2010, repeating how it had “stepped up” a number of times

“When the Tories dragged their feet about feeding children, we were there.

“When the Tory Lib Dem government cut Building Schools for the Future we stepped up and invested over £165million in school buildings and over 500 new council homes.

“When residents had benefits sanctioned at the job centres, we stepped up and helped over 1,000 residents
into work. When government published a report minimising racism and inequality, we stepped up publishing a report.”

Cllr Gould added: “We built double affordable homes as other councils. We spent seven times the amount on crime and street cleansing.

“In this election, voting Labour says we believe in a diverse community and we will not let the Tory government decimate what’s special about Camden.”

Our coverage continues next week with the Conservative opposition party believed to be releasing its manifesto in the coming week, and with the Liberal Democrats and the Green pledges also expected.

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