Most attractive countries for business relocation

Tuesday, 14th May 2019

Relocating a business is an important decision that can impact not only the manner in which the company will evolve but also the market on which it will offer its products or services. Among the top features that make a country attractive for business relocation purposes, we can mention low corporate tax rates, the availability of highly skilled workers, access to a larger market and an open, progressive business environment. Investors who choose to relocate to London, one of the top business hubs in the world, as well as those who are already doing business here, can work with a local defence solicitor when needed.

Company relocation in different jurisdictions

Switzerland is one option for investors who wish to relocate their company because of the business environment, the economic stability that is world-renowned as well as the fact that opening a Swiss company is accessible to foreign investors.

When choosing to relocate a business, one of the top reasons for this change is the fact that another jurisdiction offers lower taxes for companies. Some examples from Europe include Ireland, with a 12.5% rate for trading income, Cyprus with the same 12.5% rate, Hungary with a 9% corporate income tax rate, Bulgaria with a 10% rate and Romania with a standard rate of 16% and two reduced rates of 3% and as low as 1% for qualifying micro corporations.

Investors who are looking to relocate to the Asian market can choose Hong Kong or Singapore. Both jurisdictions offer an attractive business environment, a low corporate income tax rate as well as an easy company formation procedure.

Offshore company formation

Investors who are looking to relocate to a jurisdiction that offers an undeniably attractive taxation regime can choose between one of the available offshore centers. When starting a company in Belize, entrepreneurs have access to a modern Company Law, fast and easy company formation as well as management policies that make running a company very facile.

The main reason why investors would choose to relocate a company to Belize is that a legal entity that is registered here is not subject to corporate taxes. Moreover, a company in Belize has very few management and reporting requirements.

Corporate relocation is an opportunity to start answer, as well as to give your business more room for growth while benefiting from local tax and business advantages. We recommend that investors perform a thorough research on the jurisdiction that will offer the greatest advantages to their business.

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