Missing Wee Jessie reunited with heart attack victim after dramatic railway police intervention

Transport police 'seize back' missing Shih Poo 200 miles away in Warrington

Monday, 13th June — By Tom Foot


Wee Jessie back home [pic Kat Conway] 

WEE Jessie is back home safe and well after a ‘dognapper’ was apprehended 200 miles away in a dramatic railway intervention. 

The New Journal reported last week how the bow-legged Shih Poo had not been seen since its owner Kat Conway collapsed in the street with a suspected heart attack outside St Pancras station last Monday.

The apricot-furred rescue mutt was left at the side of the road with a man after the ambulance sped the woman to hospital.

Chipped and with a prominent online campaign launched, supporters feared foul play after the dog – whose full name is Wee Jessie James Rose Conway – was not reported missing.

She was on Saturday spotted on a train to the north from Euston by a passenger who alerted guards before the British Transport Police “seized her back” in Wigan North Western station.

Vicki Hudson, part of a missing dogs search party, said: “She was seen on Friday by a train guard who called British transport police who met the train at the station and seized her back and made a call to our team to confirm her as found. The most important thing is that she is safe and they can be together once more.

“Thank you to everyone who has worked behind the scenes, and for every share that has lead to her being recognised and returned.”

Ms Conway, who came down to London from Scotland to visit her sister for the Jubilee, is recovering from after her hospital ordeal. She picked up the dog from Warrington station on Saturday before posting online: “Thank you all for making this possible.”

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