Mains leak triggers water crisis at the Chalcots

Homes around Adelaide Road cut off on hottest day on record

Monday, 18th July — By Tom Foot and Harry Taylor


The leak in Adelaide Road

RESIDENTS living in the Chalcots estate tower blocks and some of the surrounding streets have been left without water on one of the hottest days on record in London.

Thames Water said it was trying to plug a broken pipe in Adelaide Road as water pressure feel or ran dry completely.

Hasan Shah, who lives in the Burnham tower block, said: “It is critical that this gets fixed  and quickly. Thames Water need to communicate what the situation is and Camden might need to step in with help if it continues for longer.”

Another Chalcots resident, Tracy – she did not want us to use her surname but she lives in Bray, said: “There’s no water in any of the blocks as far as I’m aware. There’s a a lot of vulnerable here. A lot of old age pensioners and small babies. I rang Thames Water and they said they’d try and fix it if they could.”

She said all the shops and minimarts had sold out of bottled water near the Chalcots, adding: “These flats are like heat boxes as it is. You can’t breathe.”

Elaine Chambers, who lives in nearby Winchester Avenue, said her water and the rest of the road went down around 4.15pm.

“I am elderly woman and have COPD,” she said. “I don’t want to be carted off by the emergency services because of this. Luckily, a friend has bought me water but then should be sending water down the whole road.”

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