Lucha Libre: Audience cleared from Roundhouse after Mexican wrestler collapses on stage

Performer unconscious after fall not part of show

Saturday, 11th May 2019


AMBULANCES are at the famous Roundhouse venue this evening (Saturday) after a Mexican wrestler collapsing mid-performance.

It was reported later that the performer, César Barrón, better known as Silver King, could not be revived after suffering a cardiac arrest and had passed away.

A large audience watching the Lucha Libre event was cleared out of the building after a fall which left the wrestler unconscious. His co-performers did not at first appear to realise there was a serious problem after he collapsed to the floor following a kick to the side of his body, soon after standing up from a previous tussle.

Witnesses said his opponent held out his hands in confusion when he did not respond to a referee urging the stricken wrestler to stand back up again. During the confusion, they said, Silver King was turned over and counted out. When he still did not recover during the end of bout celebrations, two organisers and then a team of medics arrived on the stage.

Fans chanted ‘Silver, Silver’, also not aware of the seriousness of the incident. At first the audience was told there would be a short break in the show, but then the venue was cleared while music played on the PA system.

As images emerged of the incident on social media, shocked friends of the tour were asking that photos and videos not to be shared.

It is understood the venue in Chalk Farm Road had a team of standby medics at the venue in line with wrestling events.

The stage being set up earlier in the evening

A member of the audience said: “It seemed to be part of the show at first but then he didn’t get up – and then the medical team was on the stage. Everybody was cleared out and lots of police and ambulances were there.”

Others said they saw CPR being performed.

The show is loved for its colourful costumes, aerial athletics and high theatrics, with freestyle wrestlers performing in iconic masks which they must remove if they lose a fight. Silver King was playing the character Ramses, a role he played in the film Nacho Libre. 

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