LTNs and cycle lane changes disrupt public transport

Thursday, 23rd June

• IT’S good that so many people now finally appreciate that Transport for London’s drastic financial problems, and cuts to buses and the Freedom Pass, are being imposed on them by government policy and are not of their own making.

Similarly it’s encouraging councillors are supporting resistance to the axing of bus routes in Camden.

However, given that public transport is so under threat, isn’t it time the same councillors took a long, hard, look at the “temporary” cycle lanes (for example, the pedestrian-hostile “Covid” lane on Prince of Wales Road), hugely disruptive low traffic neighbourhoods (such as Red Lion Street / Bedford Row, subject of a recent letter), disastrous reroutings, such as the Jamestown Road closure that makes Parkway a morass of near-stationary traffic and increased pollution, and the Haverstock Hill cycle lane where rejection by almost all local residents was simply overruled by the council?

All these schemes, designed to get people to walk or use public transport, are fundamentally flawed when public transport is an increasingly unviable alternative and likely to get even worse.


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