Looking to get back the £4m that is owed…

Thursday, 2nd December 2021

Talacre_Prince of Wales Medical Centre

The development on land next to Talacre

• WITH reference to Brian Lake’s letter (Any advice on getting back the Talacre £4m? November 25), perhaps Camden Council, with its reluctance to take any legal action against the owners of the Princes Park flats in Talacre, because of the potential costs involved, should offer Withers and Sir Geoffrey Cox MP a contingent success fee arrangement for taking up the case in the British Virgin Islands.

If the overage due is £4million, I suggest a maximum success fee of 20 per cent (£800,000) of the total overage if they will take on the case on a no win / no fee basis. In the best outcome Camden would receive £3.2million of the £4million which at the moment it is making no effort to collect.

Camden Councillor 1974-78,

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