Lights, camera… coffee

Alfie puts focus on mental health with online reviews

Friday, 15th October

Alfie Sajir

A YOUTUBE vlogger with a taste for coffee said his online channel has had a positive impact on his mental health.

Alfie Sajir, 24, (pictured) who started his YouTube channel QuantumCaza where he reviews coffee shops across London, said: “I started doing the YouTube in 2016 to help my mental health because I felt it was a focus.

“I wouldn’t say it completely healed my mental health, it is always going to be there, but I am able to cope with it now.”

Mr Sajir, who lives in Offord Road, also joined the Young Actors Theatre to take acting and improv classes.

“I went from not leaving the house and staying in gaming, to slowly going out to events networking,” he said.

“I was in a bad place with my mental health and applied for mental health help and the waiting list was six weeks.

“I was very uncomfortable in social situations but bringing my phone out in the street and talking to people in different scenarios helped pushed myself out of my comfort zones.”

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