Maybe we should all start playing football

Thursday, 4th August

• HERE we are, fresh out of a women’s team winning the Euros, and we are being told we are on the cusp of annihilation.

That just goes to show what some governments think of their people and how they will condone the rape of women, with citizens being maimed, tortured or indoctrinated out of one society and into another.

Maybe we all have elements of gratuitous torture, cruelty or fascism within our make-up.

A positive thought about nuclear holocaust! Anyone who thinks about pressing the button will have to remember that as soon as they do so, someone else will do the same thing.

And what on Earth is the point of flattening all the cities of any country because you will have nowhere to visit or trade with!

China, Turkey and India may decide to support Russia but we could also decide not to trade with them.

It might be difficult to wean ourselves off this trade but just think, there would be a lot less shipping and CO2 coming our way.

That’s if government and business would buy it! Maybe we should all start playing football.

Malden Crescent, NW1

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