Let’s see a circular economy task force…

Friday, 14th January

• THE January 6 CNJ painted an inspiring picture of the many different actions on Climate and Ecological Emergency (CEE) being taken by individuals and organisations in Camden.

However effective progress on mitigating climate change has often been undermined by corporations, who seek to shift the responsibility from government regulation to personal behaviour.

We see this in the response from Cllr Clyde Loakes (NLWA facility: Why I think it is a positive way forward, January 6), who cites our consumerist habits as the reason for building the new Edmonton incinerator.

Cllr Loakes says North London Waste Authority is doing its bit to support the circular economy, but the reality is very different.

Many people drive to the Regis Road recycling centre in Kentish Town to drop off things they don’t need any more (toys, household goods, furniture, clothes, etc) in the belief that these will be reused by local people. But visitors to Regis Road are prohibited from taking these items for their own use and many end up in landfill.

We urgently request Camden Council make available its vacant commercial space for large reuse centres that can be easily reached without a car.

To address the CEE we need to massively cut our consumption of new goods, which is causing ever-increasing carbon emissions and resource extraction.

The best way to do this is to reprocess, repair and reuse as many as possible of the things that are routinely thrown away. This should be a priority for the council.

We call on Camden to set up a circular economy task force to enable the rapid expansion of the reuse and upcycling sector, which will benefit local people and create jobs, and to “pause and review” the incinerator plans, to ensure the NWLA supports a green transition rather than undermining it before it is even developed.


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