Let’s go fly lots of kites! Heath skies decorated with flying creations

Look up for a fantastic spectacle

Friday, 1st July — By Dan Carrier

kites hampstead heath Image 2022-07-01 at 3.05.05 PM (6)

A GIANT clown, a lady in a swimming costume and various mythical beasts soared high above Hampstead Heath on Sunday – as the open spaces annual kite flying festival made the most of Parliament Hill’s slopes to host scores of wind-powered flying machines.

Organised by the Heath and Hampstead Society, the Kite Society of Great Britain and Heath managers the City of London, the event celebrates the fact the Heath has long been a favoured spot for kite flyers.

Heath staff enjoy the display


And with a good breeze heading from the south-west, the festival saw scores take flight.

Heath superintendent Stefania Horne told the New Journal: “The Heath is well known for being a brilliant place for kites, and I am so glad we have been able to host another kite festival. You only have to look about to see how popular it is and how much pleasure something as simple as kite flying gives everyone.”

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