Let police know your views on tackling violence against women and girls

Friday, 26th November 2021

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Sarah Everard was murdered in March by police officer Wayne Couzens

• THANKS to the Tribune for your 100 per cent-written-by-women edition, which was a much-appreciated expression of solidarity. I’ll look forward to the next one too.

It was reassuring to hear from Siân Berry in it that people are pushing for deeper reform within the Metropolitan Police Service, (Reform the ‘deeply sexist’ Met police, November 19).

The sobering details exposed during the sentencing of Sarah Everard’s murderer has raised serious questions about misogyny within the MPS.

Many women and girls don’t feel safe, as a result, and we need real and significant changes in how our city is policed and to create a culture where other police officers feel safe to report their colleagues’ comments or actions they are uncomfortable with.

Green Party councillor and London Assembly Member Caroline Russell sits on its police and crime committee, whose role is to scrutinise the work of the MPS, and has written to the commissioner asking why officers uncovered as sharing sexist material and banter on WhatsApp groups were not suspended, as those in other forces were.

The committee has also secured a review into police culture, and she will be working to make sure that this delivers.

The scale of the problem was revealed by the recent advice to flag down a bus if unsure about the identity of a police officer who stops you in the street. This was out of touch with the reality of many women’s experience.

Most MPS officers work so hard on our behalf and do an incredible job keeping us all safe, but women and girls throughout London need to be able to trust our police force again.

The MPS has a new action plan on tackling violence against women and girls and is asking for Londoners’ views. I hope lots of us respond.

See: www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/PublicFeedbackVAWG/

Islington Green Party

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