Less than half of council workforce has had two Covid vaccine jabs

Councillors call for push to get the rate up

Tuesday, 31st August 2021 — By Richard Osley

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Camden Council’s headquarters in King’s Cross

UPDATED Camden Council has said the figures in its own report do not give an accurate picture and only relates to health and social care staff who agreed to answer whether they had been double-jabbed


ONLY around 44 per cent of Camden Council’s workforce has been fully vaccinated from Covid with a double jab.

Councillors said this evening (Tuesday) that they wanted to see that figure quickly rise as officials continued to send information about the vaccination programme around the staff.

Labour councillor Alison Kelly, the chair of the resources scrutiny committee, said there may be an issue with “underreporting”, but added: “A low percentage of staff have been vaccinated twice. We really, really want and need them to be vaccinated and would like that to be taken forward.”

She added: “We really, really need to get that figure up. It’s complex because some of our colleagues live as far away as Peterborough, Cambridge, Luton, St Alban’s, right up to Northumberland – so I don’t know what more we can do to encourage people.”

Liberal Democrat councillor Tom Simon said the figures were “not moving” and “not very encouraging” – adding that only around 69 per cent had been administered with the first dose. Nationally, close to 90 percent of over-16s have had at least one injection.

“I think we definitely need to pull our fingers out and find a way to get those numbers up,” he said.

Answering questions from the committee, Jon Rowney, Camden’s director of corporate services, said: “I guess we are reliant on staff declaring whether they’ve been vaccinated or not and we continue as an organisation to talk about the vaccination program.

“As with society there are those individuals who may be kind of hesitant about getting the vaccine. We have continued to ensure that they have the right amount of information and indeed the correct information to make their kind of that kind of personal decision.”

Labour councillor Thomas Gardiner earlier suggested the numbers may be lower than they should because vaccinators had not been given an adequate numbers of doses for younger people.




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