Labour have a huge responsibility following electoral success

Friday, 20th May

_58A9811 Camden Labour winners 2022

Labour’s winning council election team

• IT was a real pleasure to see the election of so many young men and women as Labour councillors, from such diverse backgrounds.

For Labour to do so well, already having so many councillors, was an extraordinary achievement. But it means they have a huge responsibility. Serving the people of Camden will not be easy.

The government has slashed Camden’s funding, which means that the money the council does have must be used with great care.

Our first responsibility must be the safety of our people.

We all know that knife crime is too high; that there are terrible attacks on women and girls; and that some older people are afraid to venture out of their homes.

Labour needs to continue working with the police to do everything we can to make people feel safer. Our social services need to be supported to end abuse in the home as well.

Our second responsibility will be to do all in our power to alleviate the cost of living crisis.

So many families are having to choose between heating and eating. Children are going to school hungry and do not have the nutrition they need to thrive. We know this and must continue to do all we can to alleviate the pressure.

Thirdly, we must deliver on our promises on homes.

The housing that we already own needs to be well maintained and insulated. The climate emergency is real and immediate.

Our councillors – new and old – must be rigorous in taking up the case work they get at surgeries, when they meet constituents informally, or when they are contacted by email.

And, of course, we must do all we can to build the homes our people need while protecting the character of the neighbourhoods in which the new building takes place.

None of this will be easy. Labour has much to do, but we thankfully live in a democracy.

The council also needs councillors from the other parties to help keep them on their toes. And I am sure the CNJ will continue its incisive and relentless scrutiny of Camden’s work.

But Georgia Gould has shown herself to be an outstanding council leader, and I am confident that she, and her colleagues, will do all they can to deliver for all of our people.

Holborn & St Pancras
Labour Party Member, NW5

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