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Thursday, 23rd July 2020

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Members of Forum 71, who are campaigning against Heath ponds fees

• THE article (New group plans direct action protests over new Heath swimming charges, July 16) outlines Forum 71’s campaign and petition against compulsory swimming charges for the Heath ponds and lido, and calls for a return to the freedom of access to the Heath granted in the 1871 Act.

Anne Fairweather, head of the Heath management committee, complains that the petition makes “false and misleading statements” (she does not tell us what she claims these are).

Actually it’s her statement which is false and misleading: swimming groups did not “agree” to the new compulsory charges; they were imposed following a “consultation” which was a sham as a democratic process.

Swimmers will continue to challenge the harsh imposition of charges and other restrictions. Join us in protest! See Save Our Ponds on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Hartham Road, N7

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