Johnson is to blame

Thursday, 16th June

Boris apologies

‘It is about time that the ‘no confidence’ votes against Boris Johnson persuade him to go. Or preferably get him kicked out’

• WHILE it is understandable that the CNJ wants to make a story of the proposed bus route changes, much of the reportage is either premature or wrong.

Your June 9 report, (‘Absolutely shocking’: Transport for London announce plans to cut bus routes), quite clearly states that Route 88 is proposed to replace route 24 starting from South End Green Hampstead, as now, and run an identical route as far as central London Parliament Square.

The only difference will be catching a bus with the route number 88 on the front instead of 24. Ironically route 88 itself was only recently extended to Parliament Hill Fields from its original terminus.

I am more concerned about the proposed abolition of the 31 which is a well used cross-Camden route linking many areas in an east / west direction like the 46 and C11.

As is stated the whole reason is government pressure to make economies as a condition of receiving a grant, unlike every other continental (and indeed worldwide) city which consider their public transport as essential to the life and welfare of businesses and their citizens.

Who was to blame for withdrawing the previous subsidy? Why Boris Johnson, of course, when he was mayor claiming it wasn’t needed.

And now he is now trying to blame Sadiq Khan for a huge debt built up partially through lack of subsidy and partially through lack of revenue due to the Covid disaster and the absence of passengers travelling.

The cause is quite obvious and it is about time that the “no confidence” votes against persuade him to go. Or preferably get him kicked out.

Thurlow Road, NW3

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